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Shape UP CosMEDIC Company specializes in beauty and wellness services for both men, and women ranging from laser liposuction,  ultrasonic cavitation, wrinkle, and cellulite reduction, manual lymphatic drain massage, sauna bag detoxification, lip enhancement, foot detox, and much more.

Founded in 2021 by Jessica Wingard RN, SHAPE UP CosMEDIC Co. was designed to not only alter and contour the outer canvas, but to place emphasis on the inner aspects of the body as well. We strive to educate our clients regularly, placing emphasis on the importance of proper diet, exercise, nutrition, skin care, and living an all around healthy lifestyle. 

Our professional estheticians are all medically certified, and incredibly knowledgeable in the latest weight loss trends and techniques. All of our procedures here at Shape Up CosMEDIC Co. are safe, highly effective, and approved worldwide by the FDA. 

Here at SHAPE UP CosMEDIC Co. achieving our clients desired outcome is our main priority, because we understand that...............

Jessica Wingard 

"When People Look Good, They Feel Good"

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