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After receiving 6 Sessions Of Laser Lipo, Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radio Frequency Skin Tightening To Achieve These


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Erica J.

I've been coming here for laser lipo for 2 weeks now seeing Jessica. She is very professional, and easy to talk to. I can already see a change in my waistline, and my clothes are fitting bigger. I can't wait to finish my last 2 treatments.


Nicole N.

My overall experience with Shape UP is always BOMB! The nurses always answer all of my questions. I tried almost EVERYTHING to get rid of my cellulite, but this is the first treatment that actually worked for me. 

Highly Recommend!

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Deborah C.

Laser Lipo is incredible, and so is the Sauna Detox treatment. I have lost over 9lbs in the past 2 1/2 weeks with just 4 sessions. I can't wait to get this apple bottom shaped too! 


Before & After

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Before & After

Got Booty????

Non Invasive BBL

starting at $100

Before & After

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